Samantha Sacks

Album Artwork & Social Media Branding

I worked with singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Madeline Sacks (who also happens to be my younger sister) on creating album artwork for her EP, Everything. I created separate album artwork for each track on the EP, which were self-released as 3 separate singles. I also developed social media branding for her Facebook and Twitter pages. I worked closely with Madeline to achieve her vision of very minimalist artwork for her singles.

Album Artworks for 3 Singles

Artwork for Clear CD Jewel Cases

Inside Front and Front Cover

Back of CD

Right Inside Panel of CD

Social Media Branding

Facebook Banner


Mock Magazine Spread

As part of an assignment for a Media Design class, I created a mock five-page "Rolling Stone" magazine spread featuring an article about Ty Segall originally from Spin.


Mock Brochure

As part of an assignment for a Media Design class, I created a mock trifold brochure for Pitchfork Music Festival 2015. I used images and text available on the Pitchfork Music Festival Website.

From top to bottom: Middle folded panel of inner brochure, back panel of outer brochure, and cover of brochure

From top to bottom: Top, middle, and bottom panels of unfolded inner brochure



Below are several desktop backgrounds that I've created using Adobe Illustrator.